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Best phone under 15000 in India

Watching for best phone under 15000 in India, Well you landed on the right website. Best price bracket to buy mobile is under 15,000. That is a suitable price bracket under which one can buy one of the best phones that contain dual cameras, excellent battery life, 4GB RAM, ample of internal memory and of course along with fast chargers. If, ordering the best mobile under Rs. 15000 for yourself has been a fight, and we’re pleased to tell you that, we have the list available below.

Of course, with the various options accessible in the market for the best smartphone under 15000 and all of them come packed with excellent features, choosing the ideal one becomes a difficult decision. One thing which all of us should keep in mind that, our demands of features which we should always be clear in ours. All of us has a separate choice and feature preference, so the smartphone we chose is unique. Some people are specific about the size of the screen, some on the camera feature, some keen on the battery time, and some require a faster processor to work. Do not confuse and take a look at the list of the best phone under Rs. 15000, which shall declare to be an all-in-one package that too at a handsome price.

Best phone under 15000 in India

This variety of the best smartphone under 15000 developed with their distinctive features which deliver them all an excellent buy. With new technology combined into these new Smartphones, they move for a good upgrade choice today. If you stay with your old mobile and are searching to buy the best phone under 15000, then have a look below.

Do not be confused with the camera specs listed. We have posted the specs as (megapixels), (aperture), (OIS-if present), (sensor size). Generally speaking, larger the aperture and sensor size, better is the camera. Which means less number in the denominator, the larger the aperture or sensor size is. For example, f/1.9 is a higher aperture and then f/2.0. Also, 1/2.2″ is a higher sensor than, say, 1/2.6″. A huger aperture camera works much better in low light conditions and gives sharper images. It also offers a better bokeh. Also, OIS introduces to optical image stabilisation, which helps in decreasing blur.

Best phone under 15000 in India

We have placed together a list of our top smartphones under Rs. 15,000. As usual, these smartphones are all ones that we have studied at The Shopping Deal, placing them by our usual battery of tests to grade them on a bunch of parameters. All the smartphones have published within a year, and these were the ones with great scores in most divisions and the best overall ratings. With that in memory, here are our tools for the best phones under Rs. 15,000
Standout specialities in the top smartphones under 15000:

The best phones under Rs 15,000 these days appear with specialities like dual camera, Android 8.0, and 64GB of internal storage. Other hands, 4GB RAM, 3,000mAh battery, full HD display and Android 7.0 have become the standard rather than the exception. Snapdragon 4xx series doesn’t do fairness to this budget, neither does 16GB storage or 2GB RAM.


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